Attunement and Confidence:
A Co-creative

Nearly 4000 masterpieces have left our workshops. Yet each one of these instruments is unique:

by the assembly of their stops, their visual aspect and because they are the result of a unique relationship with a client. For each project, Casavant Frères distinguishes itself by committing to a unique approach that encourages co-creation throughout the entire crafting or refurbishing process of the organ.

Continued Dialogue

From the very first contacts, the Casavant team favors sharing and exchanging, not hesitating to regularly visit the organ project community in order to better understand their context, needs and expectations. Throughout the creative phase, we maintain a constant connection as the instrument begins to take shape, thanks to the work of the tonal and visual designers. Our objective is to provide a detailed proposal that will give an accurate picture of the instrument. The musical structure of the organ, the appearance of its façade, its design, the way it occupies its allocated space: everything is planned in advance.

Design and Manufacturing on Site

From the production of the first pipes to the final voicing, the manufacturing process takes place entirely on Casavant's premises. Five large erecting rooms allow several projects to be carried out simultaneously. All the organ trades are represented: metal and wood craftsmen, voicers, heads of departments and foremen work together, in a structure that combines rigour and harmony. The organs we create are completely assembled on-site, which allows us to check the smallest details even before the final installation. We invite clients to visit us whenever they wish to see the progress of their project.
Once the instrument is ready, sitting at the keyboard for the first time and making the first notes resonate is an exceptional moment for the client, who is witnessing the birth of an opus.

An Extraordinary Journey

Disassembled, the organ is then carefully packed in custom wooden crates and transported to its final destination. With its worldwide network, Casavant ensures constant control to guarantee that this extraordinary journey goes perfectly, regardless of the distance covered. After being reassembled by our team in its ultimate location, the instrument comes into the world a second time. Once it is adjusted and voiced, the singular relationship between the instrument, its venue and its acoustics begins to unfold, and the organ embarks on its intended destiny.

Attunement and Confidence: <br>A Co-creative <br>Relationship | savoir1.png
Attunement and Confidence: <br>A Co-creative <br>Relationship | savoir2-3.png
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