Casavant Opus 519

This is a truly unique opportunity to provide a new home to this four-manual Casavant organ from 1913. Amazingly, the organ has never been altered tonally nor revoiced since its installation. Therefore, it represents an outstanding example of Claver Casavant’s tonal work in the early 20th century, which combines French and English influences elegantly into a unique tone palette. The organ casework is quite remarkable. It was designed by one of Quebec’s most respected architects at the time. The sculpted and carved elements are the work of one of Quebec’s best sculptors. The organ case does not need to be part of the project, if preferred. The organ is in good restorable condition. It needs to be removed from its original location (a church in the process of a major remodelling) in 2024.




Width. 27’-0’’ (8,25 meters) Depth. 20’-6’’ (6,25 meters) Height: 23’-6’’ (7,2 meters), at center.


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