St. Cornelius
Episcopal Church

Dodge City, KS

Two manuals and pedal
24 stops, 7 ranks
Electro-Pneumatic Unit Action
St. Cornelius Episcopal Church

Less is More!

At first glance, it may be surprising to see a brand new pipe organ installed in such a small church located in a rural area. However, from our initial visit to St. Cornelius Episcopal Church, it was clear that a large group of parishioners were keen to invest in a new pipe organ that would lead the liturgy of the church for many generations.

In our experience, it is a greater challenge to successfully design a pipe organ of modest dimensions. Interestingly, this is the smallest pipe organ we have designed in years. It fits within a footprint of eight feet (2.4 m) by six feet (1.8 m). The some 400 metal and wood pipes that provide the tonal resources are used to create 24 speaking stops over two manuals and pedal. In establishing the stop list, we made sure that it respected the best practices, so the organ was not overly unified.

We also wanted the organ to look at home in this picturesque room, as if it had been part of the space since the church was consecrated in 1898. Therefore, all the pipes are contained in an elegant case of stained oak, except for the wood Bourdon 16’ pipes, which are installed on the other side to frame the stained glass window. Burnished tin pipes from the Great Principal 8’ are visible in façade.

The organ is installed at the back of the Nave, from where it speaks optimally through the entire room. The console and the choir are in the Chancel.