What Makes Us Unique

-Team: We are the largest pipe organ builder in the world and one with the longest history of uninterrupted activities. Our diversified team of organ building experts and technicians and our long history allow us to serve our clients with an unparalleled depth and breadth of knowledge, experience and creativity.


-Diversified skills and technologies: We have extensive expertise and know-how in the building of organs of all sizes and types of actions (tracker, electric slider and electro-pneumatic).


-International experience and influence: We have installed organs on every continent. Our tonal philosophy and organ design practices have been crafted throughout the years by experts trained in countries with some of the best organ building traditions in the world including France, Germany, England, United States and Canada.


-Research and development: We invest in research. Our most recent innovation, the DAC system, has been recognized by many organists as a substantial enhancement to the action of large organs. By providing much needed assistance to large instruments, it makes them more sensitive and easier to play.


-Service and renovation: Of today’s organ builders, we have the largest population of actively played organs around the world. Our extensive archives enable us to provide valuable information, renovation advice and service to our long-term clients.

Our Mission

Our Values